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A sci-fi author

A Lifetime Waiting For Eternity

When facing the inevitable becomes a matter of faith
Available in Kindle eBook, print, and Kindle Unlimited.

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THe story

A perfect couple in love . . . tragically torn apart forever.

Rob, a businessman, is left in this world with nothing but dreams about his true love. Ely, a physicist, crosses over to an alien world that turns her scientific paradigms upside down and leads to a reunion thought impossible in both worlds. The most powerful human denial ever—perhaps too powerful.


When science turns its back on humanity and makes the extinction of the human race a real possibility, these two souls find themselves at the center of a war as old as humanity itself.

Deaths occur across the country with no defined cause but with one thing in common: swiftly and unstoppably, each wave brings more deaths. Fear reaches all institutions, even the White House. Within weeks, millions are gone, panic spreads, but the worst is still to come. Relying only on their divine love, Rob and Ely must align the two worlds and join forces for the last battle.


Standing on the verge of imminent annihilation, humanity’s last hope is in their hands, one that will test the true nature of every human who has ever lived . . . or died.

A Lifetime Waiting for Eternity tells Rob and Ely’s journey from grief to hope, enlightenment, and faith. Within these pages is an unconventional fusion of scientific theories, historical facts, and religious ideas that will transport you to an unbounded world that will make you wonder about and rethink your personal beliefs about the afterlife.

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